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There has got to be a special hell reserved for people who pirate WWE theme music on company time. (read: where all the cool kids go) Maybe if I score a Google+ account, I can be counted amongst their lofty number...


Annnnd now I'm at the age where my mother married my father and now everyone's looking at me like, "Well?"

They'd have to catch me, first.
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AHAHAHA [livejournal.com profile] zece IS LEGAL BITCHES.


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Have lots of cake, play lots of video games, and live it up, you brat.
But keep in mind that if you outgrow me, I will never forgive you.

Just sayin.
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Happy Late/Un-Birthday, Padre! You're 13, going on 52!



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Damn, I had a good time!

My birthday started about three hours before it actually was my birthday. My friends took me to Aladdin's, a hookah bar, where we sat, drank tea, ate baklava, smoked hookah, talked about religion, watched the Micheal Jackson memorial, and had a very good time. At midnight, they sang Happy Birthday to me and I got free chocolate cake. And immediately afterwards, they played the Aladdin soundtrack over the loud speakers. We all sang and got up to dance to A Whole New World. I've never waltzed before. It was a lot of fun.

After I woke up the next morning, (dodging a sign strung up over my doorway, reading 'Happy 20th, Jerkface') my sisters fed me blueberry pancakes with awesomesauce (read: blueberry syrup). My youngest sister set about making a double batch of snickerdoodles for my birthday present as I replied to an electronic card I received from my family in France, something that never ceases to make me smile. Replete, I lounged around the house until my mother took me UNDERWEAR SHOPPING!!!!

This may not sound very birthday-ish or exciting, but I was thrilled. I'd not done a big underwear shop since before I went to France, so it was a bit overdue. Wandering from store to store, my mother and I found enough attractive (and fitting!) bras and underwear for me to wear a new pair every day of the week! YUSS.
In between stores, we stopped at Starbucks, where I sucked down a Mocha Frappachino and ate la madeline. La madeline is a cookie that I made in France and ate with great relish, covered in whipped cream. Very decadent, and I got to indulge this birthday. I was a happy camper.

After a long day of shopping, we went home and threw ourselves into preparing my birthday dinner (!!!!). The menu consisted of inch-thick grilled steaks, grilled baby bella mushrooms, baked potatoes, homemade bread sticks, broccoli, and for dessert, Zebra pudding. Zebra pudding is kind of a pudding, kind of a cake. You take Famous chocolate wafers, butter them (metaphorically) with heavy whipping cream (well beaten), and stick them together, standing them on their edge. Once you achieve the desired size, you frost the entire confection with the rest of the cream and top it with chocolate shavings, raspberries, etc. Once it sits, the wafers get so soft, it's impossible to tell them from the cream, creating an interesting and delicious zebra pattern. It's always been my favorite (and is criminally easy).

After dinner, my family gave me the remainder of their presents. From my brother I received new wrist braces (important!), from my sisters I received a great rainbow-zebra shirt and the Papercut Massacre album (!!!!) and snickerdoodles. My mother gave me underwear, which fit perfectly! a great coffeetea mug with "Go Away" written on it in every possible way, chocolate, AMAZING raspberry Earl Grey tea (Zhena's Gypsy Tea, I might add), and a demon USB drive. No, really. It's a USB drive shaped like a demon. He's so cute... And my father, amazing man that he is, gave me an external hard drive, something I desperately needed. I named it Jim (yes, because I could then yell, "Dammit, Jim!"). I got a "Happy Birthday" call from my grandparents, too!

After dinner, we played Name That 80's Tune on the DVD player, which seemed to consist entirely of videos from Wham!, Cyndi Lauper, and Duran Duran. Well, I say "80's," you say "too much hair."

All in all, I had a simply decadent birthday, in which I was spoiled rotten with good food and a lot of fun with my family and friends. And, as my mother said, "We're both feeling a lot better than we were, twenty years ago." True dat.

This morning, I got up, put on my assult-and-battery eyeliner, and went forth to go get interviewed. Which didn't actually happen... I spoke to the manager of the gas station, who remembered my name having crossed her desk, and told me that someone would call me for a more in-depth interview. I was like, "Okay, then!" I'm not discouraged, as she now has a face to put with my name, and she is now aware of how bloody close I live to this place. Transportation to work is not going to be a problem. Ah, well. We'll see.

In the meantime, I now am looking at the mass amounts of birthday wishes gifted to me via Facebook and laughing. I didn't think I knew this many people!
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Yeah, the getting-older panic aside, I'm having a good time. I'll do a full write-up tomorrow, as I am too busy snitching fingerfulls of snickerdoodle dough to do so now.
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I have a birthday tomorrow. I keep forgetting that.

I'm not uber-excited, despite this being a big milestone kind of birthday. 20 years old. No longer a teenager.

Except that this feels much like my 18th birthday. No big achievement, other than continuing to breathe and stuff and, oh yeah, I could now go to jail!
With this birthday, I can still go to jail. But I still can't drink while I'm there.

I'm not having a party, nor do I want one. My friends are collectively too broke to do anything abnormal, even for a birthday. And I'm too lazy.

I don't know. Maybe I'll be more excited tomorrow. Or next year.

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Happy Birthday Madre! Thanks for not drowning me at birth (even if you really should have) and being generally awesome.

After watching Ladyhawke, my sister looked up from her AP Lit essay.

Sister: "I'm writing about the most profound intellectual experience of my life."
Me: "Which is?"
Sister: "The day I discovered that the earth was, in fact, flat."
Me: "Uh..."
Sister: "It says, 'So, you might ask, if the earth is flat, how come we haven't heard about people finding the edge and falling off? The fact is, you wouldn't hear about them falling off the edge. Everything you thought to be true is a lie, and everything you thought was a lie is true, because the truth is a lie. So, what is truth?'"
Me: "Cake?"

Makes sense to me.

Happy Birthday, again, Madre!
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Went to see Star Trek again. Loved it about as much as I figure I will love my first born child. Or my future car.

But on the topic of cars, I overheard this little slice of gold while arguing with my reticent sister (who is 12 as of yesterday, btw. Happy Birthday!):

Dude 1: "Dude, your car got repossessed?"
Dude 2: "That's a nice way of putting it. I call it the government blatantly stealing my shit."

<3's to the world for that one.

Also: Doctor =/= Physicist


Apr. 22nd, 2009 11:23 pm
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Happy Birthday, Patrick!
You are now a decade old and have succeeded in making me feel old as fuck.

Have a good one, baby.
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My grandfather, who is something-mumble years old today, is and will always be the best grandfather a degenerate like me could ask for.

Many happy returns, and don't let Gran drive you too crazy with her redecorating!
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So my sister's birthday is tomorrow. I totally thought that it was today and I'd missed it. So I took off running cross my quad for my cell phone, and called her (it was midnight where she was) to wish happy birthday.


Me: Happy birthday!
Dale: Thank you...
Me: Sorry, to call so late. How was your birthday?
Dale: ... its tomorrow.
Me: ... shit!

College- 1, Me- 0
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Happy 11th Birthday, Cassidy Dean!

You are the age I was when our brother was born, and that only serves to make me feel even older!



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