Aug. 1st, 2012 09:42 pm
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Sweet Christ, I would love it if everyone shut the hell up about Chick-Fla. The CEO's are assholes. I think this is a pre-requisite to becoming a CEO in the first place. But that doesn't make the sandwiches any less tasty.

I mean, fuck, you want to boycott? Have a blast! That'll show 'em. But hell, I think it would be a lot more effective to eat that shit wearing the biggest, most flamboyant getup you can get through the doorway, because that? Sends a message.

I support gay rights, etc etc. But I also support freedom of speech and fast food. So quit blowing up my god damn social media.
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Tom Hardy fucks guys.

The world continues to rotate.

Water is wet.

etc etc
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] bookshop.

This is why I slash.


Jul. 26th, 2010 06:07 pm
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A drug for pregnant women that prevents lesbian daughters

What is this, I don't even.
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Battle over same-sex marriage intensifies after court ruling by Judge Tauro in Massachusetts

If the Obama admin appeals, then we have a chance to make this FUCKING REAL.

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House approves repeal of gay ban in military

Slowly, yet surely, ladies and gents, we are getting there.
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Didn't go to class this morning. Couldn't be bothered.

Last night, while I was on duty, I watched an interview on the O'Reilly Factor. The interviewee? Jon Stewart.

I love Jon Stewart. He is satirical and if you are an idiot, he is going to point it out. But what most people don't get is how god damned intelligent he is.

When he was brought on the set of the O'Reilly Factor, he listened to his opponent, but when Bill O'Reilly was bringing out his conservative marching band, Stewart was saying, "Oh please. You and I both know that's bullshit."

He got in O'Reilly's face, he controlled the arguments, and he didn't let O'Reilly spin off on wild, indefensible tangents.

It is fascinating to watch.

I recommend the entire, unedited interview for the simple reason that it is an intellectual clash of the titans, and Jon Stewart will not be bowed.

But I most especially recommend the fourth video of the five, because of one simple thing:

When told that the Tea Party movement had been notarized by FOX News, O'Reilly denied it, saying that they only covered the phenomenon. Jon comes back with, "Yeah, where were you in October, when people came from all over the United States to march on the Capitol for gay rights? You didn't cover it." O'Reilly says, and I quote:

"I don't know if that's true, but I don't think it is."


He doesn't think. That the National Equality March happened. He doesn't think. That FOX News didn't so much as shoot a minute of footage of it.

GOD FORBID THIS COUNTRY PAY YOU TO THINK, BILL O'REILLY. You do not think. You report the news. So let's all stick to what we know, hmm?

I rode on a bus for over 24 hours, to Washington, D.C., in order to take part in that very same march. I can tell you, it happened. And there was no coverage.

It's at minute 7:25, in case you're interested.

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The University of West Florida added gender identity to their discrimination policy.

Students on this campus can no longer be discriminated against, academically or physically, because of their sexual identity.

Fuck yeah.
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My university needs to wake the fuck up.

I go to school in one of the most conservative regions of America. And it shows in the ignorant motherfuckers they put in charge.

Demographically, college students are the source of the vast majority of liberal influence. We're educated and gaining experiences that give lie to bias and stereotypes. Young people are a powerful, motivated force.

And my school's motivation just got smacked in the face.

My school's GSA was collecting signatures in order to add a clause about gender identity into our school's discrimination policy. I have met and know many transgender individuals, and they are wonderful people. But they are still vulnerable to discrimination. A professor can fail someone who is physically a male, just for wearing a dress.

The GSA collected over 1000 signatures from students who felt that this was an important clause. For reference, the school's entire SGA election did not receive 1000 votes. This shows that people feel more strongly about the transgender issue than they do their own student government.

The SGA passed this clause, 24-0-1.

The school board denied it. Their reasoning?

We are too conservative a campus for such legislation.

Translation: We don't want to lose our conservative donors.

They then went on to state that they did not feel comfortable with passing such legislation, as the larger schools in Florida had no such rules.

They want to wait to see what everyone else will do.

We are a small school. But we feel strongly about this. And we're ignored.

Now the school board is proposing to the SGA a clause that will tack on more fees to our tuition, in order to pay for general school maintenance. On top of that, they are raising the price of housing, across the board. And they expect our support.

When we want change, they ignore us. And then they try to get more money out of us.

If this school board was tea, I'd toss it into the Boston Harbor.
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Walmart kicks out a gay couple for NOT shoplifting.

Oh HELL NO. This goes so far out of bounds, I cannot even express. Walmart, come over here and I will SHOW you 'uncooperative'.

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Gay Partnership Measure Approved By Voters

Washington state's people have spoken, approving their 'everything but marriage' law! Domestic partners now get every right afforded to married couples. They just can't call if 'marriage'.

I, for one, do not give a damn about semantics. While we lost Maine, we got Washington! Gay, sparkly vampires rejoice!

This is great news for the equality fight. We lost Maine by such a minute margin. The scales are starting to tip.

And, in other good news, I'm goin' home for the weekend! Yay family, free food, and laundry! Yay!


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:18 am
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We lost Maine.

Yesterday, Maine voters put equality to the test, voting on whether or not they should permit gay marriage. The winning side received 53% of the votes. 53%.

Washington state voted on a similar principle, yesterday. So far, the vote has been too close to call.
Washington is not voting on marriage. They're voting on rights. R-71 is a fight for everything BUT marriage, affording domestic partnerships the same legal rights as married couples, such as child support, social security, and the rights to visit your partner's fucking death bed.

I am angry, but cautiously hopeful for Washington. This is a bitter blow to people who just want equality, but the silver lining is, we're not going away. We haven't died off in the years that the US has ignored us.

Pray for Washington, if that's your thing. Hopefully, we'll have some victory.


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