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Best not read this drivel. )

And on a completely unrelated note, how is it that a tiny scratch on my pinky finger that didn't even bleed can become more painfully infected than some of my deepest and worst scrapes and gouges any place else.

The L-Word

Feb. 8th, 2009 02:49 am
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So, I've been doing this study, right?
I've spent a goodly amount of time canvasing for information and opinions from all different sources in an attempt to understand a concept that has eluded me for nineteen some-odd years.

What is dating, and why do people bother? )

Damn, yo.

Jan. 19th, 2009 12:25 am
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Okay, another Angel episode, another bout of thinking.

This kinda stuff is gonna drive me crazy. )

Jesus, I need to quit thinking.
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I recently read an essay written by Elizabeth Bear (yes, that Elizabeth Bear), and it made me think.

Brace yourself. )

The essay: People Like Us
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I've been trying to post something here for days, and sometimes fill half a page before just losing steam and erasing it all because I no longer think it note-worthy.

So I'm gonna ramble about all kindsa wishful thinking. )
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Halloween's coming up in two weeks. Sweetness. I have to figure out how exactly to from campus to the Greyhound station, when I'm gonna make the trek, if I can skip class to go early, and other suchlike, but I'm okay with that. I get to go home soon!

I also have a goal to get back into swimming. I haven't done it in, oh, eight years, give or take. But we have an indoor pool at school, so I can take some time out of my day to spend an hour or so doing as many laps as I can. My goal it to a) get back into shape, swimming-wise and b) maybe qualify to become a lifeguard in May. There is always a need for lifeguards. I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Its something to focus on, outside of class. And maybe I can turn my hair green, too!

I'm doing pretty great in class, thank you. I'm thinking about changing my major, which may mean changing schools my junior year. Eh. Kay.

Thats all!
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I got a 91% on a muthafucking math test. BOOYAH.

Anyway, tonight my grandparents are coming through town and we're going to go to dinner. I'm super excited, because a) I haven't seen them since our trip to the Smokies and b) I haven't seen family in general since August. Sure, I went for way longer without face-to-face contact with anybody I knew when I was in France, but there's no reason to do that again. I have nothing to prove. I miss my family.

Even my siblings. Yes, I know. Nuts.

And I'm even more excited about October coming up. I kinda got this from a book I read (Night in the Lonesome October, Richard Laymon. Check it out.) but its kinda true. All the truly freaky stuff you kinda see year-round? The weird, the inexplicable, and the just plain cool? Totally amps up the volume in October. Maybe its the fact that, yes, Halloween is that month, but maybe its something else.

I love October. I love Halloween. Its a holiday that separates the bizarre from the fearful. Those willing to expand their comfort zones revel in the fact that its now socially acceptable to be as weird as you normally are, every day. They're set apart and made apparent against those who are too caught up in what you can and cannot do, by someone else's decree. Save for wiccan, witchcraft, and pagan religions, this month and holiday have no redeeming value. Its all about the cool, freaky stuff you've never gotten to do before. Its all about the costumes, the energy, the cool air and changing leaves. Its all about the greed. You get candy. And you don't even have to grovel for it.

That's kind of what I hate about Christmas. There's always that undermining expectation of self-flagellation and sobriety. He died for you, dammit! So we are gonna praise him for it with intonations of Latin, a language that no sane person should speak. I took Latin in high school. Believe me. I know.

So fuck that. Fuck observing the reason for the season. Americans stole this holiday, made it a commercial nightmare, and gave it to the social underdog. DEAL WITH IT.

I'm gonna dress up. I'm gonna score me some candy. I'm gonna do every damn thing that makes those people in the houses that lock their doors on Halloween night, or just answer the door with a stern, "We don't celebrate Halloween," cringe under their covers. I'm gonna have myself a damn good time. Because Halloween is on a Friday, this year, and I'm going home to celebrate it with my psychotic friends. And we may even take the Lord's name in vain.

So, Madame Jaubert? Put that in your juice box and SUCK IT.
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I just read about someone trashing Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for treating women like crap. And then SPN came up for doing the exact same thing.

I clearly don't get it. )

::shrug:: Get over it, guys. Your ideal world would still probably piss you off.
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Bah. Slept till 1, hadn't meant to do that. But it wasn't like I had anything better to do.

School for my sibs starts tomorrow. I have a ton of packing to do.

Holy crap, I'm leaving home. Again.

It really was more dramatic that last time. Really, I didn't even let myself think about how long I was going to be gone. Now I'm leaving until... October-ish? Yeesh, laaaaaame.
So why am I wasting energy freaking out, no matter how minorly?

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My Shangri-La

This is probably my favorite of all the fiction I've ever read. I whine and bitch about my wanderlust, and how it flares up like physical pain. But this fic can give people an actual idea of how it really feels. How you can be gone, even if someone's looking right at you.

Melodramatic as hell, I know. But it would be scary how similar this feels to what I am, if it weren't so comforting.

But heres what really :is: kind of scary. (this is mopey, guys, I suggest giving it a miss.) )
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Okay, so I was reflecting on Jus in Bello, and something came to me.

I do NOT need a twelve-step program )

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I'm finally watching the first episode of House, and I'm at the point where the girl's throat closes up for whatever reason. Allergic reaction, I think.

Anyway, desperate times call for desperate measures, and the doctors have to do a tracheotomy.

Heres something not even Wikipedia seems to know. You don't cut the throat vertically. You can't. A tracheotomy is to cut into the windpipe (the trachea) to make a new pathway for air to flow, and if you try to cut vertically, you're trying to saw through rings of cartilage. If you've ever eaten ribs, you know that that clear chewy stuff doesn't come apart too easily.

You make a horizontal slit between the tracheal rings and then finish the tracheotomy.

As scary as it sounds for people to wander around knowing the correct method to slitting someone's throat, its a whole lot scarier if they have the wrong information. For God's sake, people, if there is a doctor around when someone's throat has closed up, let them do the honors. They have malpractice. But its like knowing CPR or the Heimlich. I don't think theres classes for tracheotomies outside of Pre-Med, but its better to know how to do it right, just in case.

My father, the doctor in question, told me a story about when he was a kid, when he saw someone choke to death at an All-You-Can-Eat buffett. This was in the 60's, and the woman clearly was going to eat as much as she could while she could. She started to choke, and my grandfather, also a doctor, had to perform a tracheotomy right there in the resturaunt. It didn't save her, there was just too much food packed into her throat, but the reality was that a doctor has to be prepared.

My dad told me that the biggest worry of his about American airlines is that they no longer allow him to carry his tracheotomy kit. No doctor I have ever met travels without one. And now America wants our doctors to make do with plastic utensils.

I dunno, guys. Between American media and American paranoia, we may be screwing ourselves bigtime.
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I need to get this out, now that my brain has spiraled down out of freakout!mode.

Calm, rational, adult think found here. )

Okay. This is gonna be an interesting summer.


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