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Eh. I'm pretty sure I fail as a 'sensitive human being'. And I care not at all.

My school has had a recent outbreak (read: two instances) of finding small nooses hung in random places. I saw one of these hanging on a sign, myself, and remembered thinking, "... I wish I knew how to tie a noose. Nooses are cool." And then I went on my way.

But apparently nooses in trees have racial implications. Or, that's how my school is interpreting it. So, after 6 separate e-mails from the school about how seriously they were taking this, I had to sit through a nice, long, touchy-feely meeting for the RAs to discuss why such things were unacceptable. And I was blown. Away.

People were freaking terrified of these little nooses. And I just can't wrap my head around it. There are no leads as to who placed the nooses. There was nothing to imply that it was racially motivated. And when I said as much, I got stared at like I kicked a homosexual puppy.

The conversation I was forced to endure went from the nooses to the god damn Laramie Project, and I wanted to scream.

I'm almost positive that the Salem Witch Trials predate the KKK, but you don't hear me screaming about The Crucible. Not to mention that having conversations like this are like discussing religion. You're either preaching to the convinced or you're not making a dent.

Part of this is clearly the fact that I'm white, yeah okay. Goody for me. But part of it is that I am a bitter realist. People suck, and getting upset when things happen is just dumb. Either do something about it or get over it, because the only thing you can control is yourself.

But what really bothered me was that people started talking, seriously talking about censoring and monitoring student and employee social media, as well as the installation of cameras in all the residence halls. And the Powers That Be facilitating the conversation sighed, like they agreed, like this was something that should happen.

And all I had running through my head was an SNL mash-up of V For Vendetta meets 1984.

Just. AUGH.


my problem with authority called. it wants its movie collection back.

Update: I keep getting FB invites to rallys to protest this "great tragedy".

That actually pisses me off more than anything. A Shakespearean play is a great tragedy. A school shooting is a great tragedy. Your collective overreaction to innocuous stimuli? Is not.

Fucking first world shit, right there.


Feb. 15th, 2012 11:49 pm
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Soooo, I was doing a "30 Day Drawing Challenge" that turned into a "30 Drawings Whenever I Get Around To It Non-Challenge" because I have been on the road for a total of 20+ hours in the past couple of days (and if you have never driven through north Florida? You do not know the meaning of 'boring') and this fucking weather is fucking with my joints like mad.

Speaking of joints.

I made it to my appointment with the surgeon about my shoulder, who was pretty awesome and open about what my options for treatment were. My biggest fear was that I would be brushed off with a script of "take two years of physical therapy and call me never", but apparently my MRI showed a divot in the ball of my humorous bone that could only be put there by repeated dislocations.

I don't like the idea of permanent damage, but I feel pretty fucking vindicated, let me tell you.

Bottom line is, surgery is my best option. He talked me through the procedure and the recovery process, I did my Q&A, we shook hands, I tripped on home. Later that day, they called about making an appointment for the surgery, itself. Unfortunately, they couldn't schedule as far ahead as I was requesting (see: after school lets out), so I'll call them back in a month or so to get an absolute date. But! The point is, it's happening, and I will hopefully come out of this with a WORKING SHOULDER, THANKS VERY MUCH.

Cool fact: the nurse practitioner who admitted me to the exam room ended up being an alum from my undergrad, and my major. Yay living proof that there is a career at the end of this tunnel!

Other than my appointment, I have been on the road for an RA conference. Basically, imagine 300+ extroverts packed into one room with noisemakers, kazoos, and more school chants than anyone wanted to hear, ever, and you'll have the basic idea of my experience. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun, and my presentation was well-received. But by the end of it? I was tired of people touching me, breathing around me, and just generally existing.

Some more fun facts: If you are going dancing, do NOT wear skinny jeans, no matter how cold it is, outside. Sweaty skinny jeans become a second skin that does. not. breathe.

And also: A minivan? No matter how spacious? Is not built with seven fully grown adults in mind.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 02:26 am
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You guys. Welcome to my fucking life.


::eats chips all alone::
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Whelp. Shit just got real at work.

::crazy eyes::

In related news, a new rule I enacted in our building about people sleeping in the public lobbies as opposed to their rooms has sparked an "Occupy" movement, where kids... crash on couches.

dgaf, bitches. I need a fucking vacation/new job/life. In that order.


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Oh, October. You so crazy.
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Holy shit, I live.

RA training is kind of like going to the dentist. No one wants to be there, but it's probably a good idea to suffer through it, if only for the benefits in the long run.

That said, I had fun, but I am thoroughly sick of most of humanity by way of over-exposure. I spent all of today laying on my bed with a bowl of Snicker's ice cream in one hand and my spiffy Nook in the other.

And. I. Did. Nothing. Else.

It was glorious.

Tomorrow, I'll probably get drunk.

Classes on Monday. Dragon*Con in something like two weeks, holy shitkfjvgnsdfbklvjdoh.

Costume is, like 50% done. Let's see if I can pull this off...
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Yeeeeah, RA training.

Too tired to post the shit I'm doing. Just know that I'm not dead.



May. 16th, 2011 03:25 pm
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::leans in the doorway:: ohai.

So, I heard today that I am being offered the LRA position for the fall. YAY EXTRA MONIES. It's a bit more responcibility and a bit more pay, and I now have even LESS of an idea on where they're going to place me (def: which dorm I'll live in) than I did before. But I'm excited, anyway!

Although I was telling my mom about this and then this happened:

ME: So, I got the job. I'm excited and all, but honestly, what goes through my head when I think about it is how it'll look on my resume, like I took leadership roles in my field, etc etc. Does that sound mercenary?
MOM: No, it sounds grown up.

She just HAD to use that word.
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Dear Residents,


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Back at school, back to work.

It's kind of crazy how much I enjoy my job, sometimes. The bureaucracy can and will drive me insane, and there seems to be a "who can make the most ill-advised executive decisions?" contest, but the bottom line is that I work with a large number of people my age, who are all suffering with me, and we're all trying to do the best job we can.

Shared pain really brings people together, you know?
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No, actually, I give up. Dragon*Con was awesome. The End.



Got a horrible, horrible case of food poisoning on Monday night, am still a little shaky and weak. Does not help that I ate half a large pizza and chugged a beer but its been That Kind Of Week, so my stomach can shut up and deal.

A pipe in my building's AC unit burst sometime last night. I got a knock on the door at 5AM from a resident who was coming in for the night and noticed water gushing out of the ceiling of our outdoor laundry room. Water was also coming into four separate bedrooms, including mine. I was like, "Fuck."

Long story short, AC busted until 'further notice', fans set to turbo, wet vacs, brb building an ark.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with my schedule, school, money, and parents putting pressure on me to come home more often. They've seen me more than ever, thanks to my car, but because of my sister attending school with me and the fact that I do have a car, they seem to want this to translate into Z the I10 Ping Pong Ball.

I can have a job that will give me the money to come home on occasion. Or I can just mooch money and come home all the time. There cannot be both. Not to mention that I can't stand home for any length of time.

I've come to the conclusion that I cannot work as hard as I do and save as much money as I need to in order to afford my new computer by Black Friday. Because I will go crazy, otherwise.
So. I gave up a few of my hours so I have not one, but two days off a week! O the humanity.

Ugh. This week sucked, and next week isn't looking to be much better and I'm still tired and sick. So, yeah. Zydrate time.

EDIT: and then [livejournal.com profile] nrrrdy_grrrl had to go and ruin my sulk by cluing me into the fact that Hulu has every Highlander episode posted.

Yeah, can't hear you over the sound of the soul-shattering gay that is the Double Quickening.

i know what i'm doing this weekend
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So, I am now a rebel with a cause.

God knows, I'm stubborn enough to shoot off my own nose if someone tells me not to, and I've bitten bullets in the past in the name of my own pride. But this time I'm actually acting the in the interests of others, as well as myself.

The school where I work has done two things that piss off the employees to no end. They a) haven't hired enough people, effectively chaining us to the job and b) have enacted a new rule stating that we are not to go off campus with residents (see: our friends) without prior approval, for liability reasons.

Housing has always been criminally stupid, but with these two particular issues, they put in jeopardy the RAs as a staff, as students, and as sane human beings.

So, I'm launching two separate campaigns. My first act is to send a letter, from the RAs as a whole, detailing why these things need to change. Hopefully I won't have to nail it to the church door, but I'm willing to do what is necessary to make The Powers That Be take this seriously. I'm being respectful about it and, as the letter is 'anonymous', I'm hopefully not putting my job on the line. But I have heard the same story from every residence hall. We need more employees, and this new policy is fucking stupid. Somebody needs to shove Housing's face in it, or nothing will ever change.

My second campaign is a bit more petty. If they want an e-mail every time I go off campus with residents, by God, they are going to get it. If I drive with my sister to the mall, they're getting an e-mail. If my friends and I go to Sonic for dinner, they're getting an e-mail. If I lean over the campus border with a resident in my general vicinity, they are getting a motherfucking e-mail. I don't give a damn if they give me 'confirmation'. I'm not limiting my personal activities on my own time because Housing thinks I should take my job with me, everywhere I go.

To tell the truth, the letter makes me a little nervous, but, as I have learned from past experiences with rocking the boat, once you get things started, the best thing you can do is own that shit, for better or for worse.

So here's Martin Luther, Socrates, Lucifer, and all those other rebels who think the status quo sucks balls. Because even if they burn you at the stake, they'll at least know your name.
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I cannot wait for school to start so I can get some sleep.
I don't think that's how it should work...

Also, I got that job, after all! Turns out that the moron who pissed me off so badly got too downsize-happy and pretty much every residence hall ended up needing more people. So, I'm working 20 hours, mostly weekends, and am glad of it. MONEY IS AWESOME.

so tired...
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Life. I have one. Let me show you it.

So, RA training has commenced and I'm all like, whatevs. I have had no formal training for my job, and yet I've been doing it for almost a year, now. Ain't nothing they can tell me that I haven't learned by doing, already. Alcohol incident on the first day, anyone? I'm just glad that no one is trying to call me a 'new' RA simply because I've never been through summer training. I'd probably cut a bitch.

My summer job also wrapped up today with a blowout of skating and laser tag. More laser tag than skating, because it turns out that I cannot skate for shit. My rollerblading days were kind of a long time ago, okay? So, after falling on my ass about six times while six-year-olds literally skated circles around me, I voted for laser tag time. Which was fun as hell. I didn't win, but I sniped the shit out of a lot of folks and did some Solid Snake-like commando moves from structure to structure. Awesome.

Then I went home, showered, got rained on, and then ate free Mexican food with my staff.

And then my car window fucked up. Again.

I've also been fighting off a cold kindly imparted to me by my former roommate, but it has arrived with a vengeance. RIP breathing through my nose.

So, good day and bad, but at least I don't have to get up before noon tomorrow. Maybe I can actually get some sleep, tonight.
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God fucking dammit, Housing. You're starting the bullshit early this year, aren't you?

I applied for a second job as an SA that coincides with my current RA job to subsidize my income because, btw? RAing doesn't pay for shit. I'm highly qualified, I have a history of working for the University, and I thought I did very well on the phone interview. I was told that I would receive an e-mail letting me know if I got the job, one way or another.

Cut to two weeks later with absolutely no word. Finally, I go to the Housing office to ask if those foretold e-mails were ever coming.

And the bitch-whore of the Housing Department leans out of her office with a smile and says that they selected people based on where they were living on campus and I had the bad luck of living in an area with a high concentration of RAs and thus a low concentration of SAs, and they've already made their selections. So, sorry!

I know at least five other people as qualified as I am who applied and apparently have not been hired, because no news is bad news.

I am furious right now, not so much because I didn't get the job, but because this woman didn't think it important to tell us that we were just not what they were looking for, so sorry.

I hate working for Housing. The bureaucracy is utter bullshit and the communication is even worse. And, yes, I really wanted that job.

So, now I'm going to have to go off campus to find work.

And this bitch needs to die.
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So, earlier this week, the stars aligned and I realized that if I didn't volunteer for any extra bullshit this weekend, then I would have enough time to go and get my car.
I called my grandmother, who is the linchpin in this whole plan, asking if she was still willing to come and get me. Her answer was a resounding yes, so I hopped into action, sending in an e-mailed request for time off. Our plan is for her to come down on Thursday and spend the night, as I'm on duty until 8am on Friday. We would then leave on Friday morning and I would spend the weekend learning how to drive my car. I would then drive from there to home, where I would get my Florida tag. I would then come back either Monday or Tuesday.

This is the plan. Except.

Our ultra-superior has been working as out direct superior, in the absence of our HD, my arch nemesis from my old RA job. But that HD is apparently now back and in business, so all time-off requests have been forwarded to her. I'm like, "... Fine, okay."

Except that I haven't heard anything back since then. Not a word. I haven't even seen the woman.

Wondering if she had received the e-mail, I taped a note on her office door, detailing what was going down. A note which has been there for a full day and a half.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. I'm hoping that someone get's their rear in gear before my grandmother arrives tomorrow, because if not, I'm making this real easy. I am leaving in two days, with or without approval. I did my part in this, and I am not derailing my plans because my sonuvabitch absentee boss can't find her ass with two hands and a GPS.

I have not had a day off since the start of March. And I really fucking want my car.
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So, that annoying-ass un-named RA that I had to deal with for closing? Well, he was hired on as a summer RA along with me. I was like, "Fuck my life."

And then the last straw went the fuck down.

This kid went out drinking one night, and came stumbling back later that night. I'm usually like, "Whatever, motherfucker, I do not care."
But then, the next morning, he asks his roommate, who just graduated and is thus exonerated from doing anything, to do his checkouts because he was too hungover.

If you fuck up on your own time, whatever.
If you fuck up and it comes back to me and the people I work with? It is officially your ass.

I am not about to put up with that shit all fucking summer. So reports got written, and his ass got fired. And I do not feel like a narc about it.

Yep. I'm officially That Guy. Awesome.
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::falls facedown on the bed:: My day yesterday, let me tell you it.

As an RA, I have many responsibilities throughout the semester, but the biggest two come at the beginning and the end of the year when the students move in/out. It's an RA's job to check these people out of their rooms, as the students cannot leave before we do so. The students have to sign up for an appointment, as there are many of them and only a few of us. If they do not sign up for a checkout time, or it they're late for their time, there is a fine and absolutely no guarantee that the RAs will be able to check those people out of their rooms before 5pm on Friday, in which case there is an additional $150 fine. Say nothing of any damages an RA might note in the student's room, which leads to more fines.

This comes to no one as a surprise, because RAs hold mandatory hall meetings so that they can impart this information to the students, so they can avoid getting fined.

EXCEPT: For college students, these guys seem rather shaky on the definition of 'mandatory'.

Lemme explain our definition of the word:

mandatory (adj): containing or constituting a command to attend a meeting that will keep you from getting charged out the ass. If you do not attend this meeting, we are not responsible for you or your screw-up. YOUR ASS IS FINED.

So I, personally, was booked solid for the entire day of Friday under NORMAL circumstances. Say nothing of the people who missed their checkout times, weren't ready for their appointment, or just came down to the office, saying, "I'm ready to check out, now."

I work on a staff of six RAs and one HD. The HD has been AWOL for weeks and no one knows where the hell she is. Two of the six RAs were graduating that day and were therefore banned from working that day, under pain of us throwing stuff at them. So we were four RAs, taking on the entire dorm.
One particular RA (no names named) took it upon himself to do what was required of him and not an iota more, in favor of hanging out with his girlfriend. That left three RAs to do EVERYTHING.

We physically could not leave the office for the entire day because the moment we did, someone else would call down about a checkout or would show up, expecting us to be ready and waiting to come help them, first.
It rained intermittently throughout the day. I stood out in the rain around noon for some stress relief. I didn't have a chance to go change until well past 6pm.

We did not have the chance to eat. Our breakfast/lunch was a frozen pizza a resident gave us and some energy drinks a kind HD from another dorm left for us. Our dinner consisted of us calling another HD in desperation, saying that we were starving and couldn't do anything about it. She sent in reinforcements in the form of Domino's.

I am a very flexible and forgiving person. If your sob story is convincing, I will probably take your word for it. But by the time 5pm rolled around, I was charging everyone indiscriminately. There are only so many times you can hear someone saying that, no, they didn't attend the mandatory meeting but why are they still getting charged, before you just snap.

Then I was on duty for the entire night, afterwards. I just changed into my pajamas and slept on the couch until it was time for me to lock up the office. I went on no rounds, and I filled out no paperwork.

And I dragged a big black marker through every one of my resident's names, as they moved out.
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I have come to the conclusion that bitching is just another part of an RA's job. Because we sure do a lot of it...


Apr. 15th, 2010 06:17 am
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Oh my God.

I just woke up, thinking I'd woken up from a nap, and could not, for the life of me, figure out what day it was.

I thought it was still evening on Wednesday, except that I could remember what I did on Wednesday. I went down to the office, thinking I had to work until nine, only to find the office closed and a maintenance guy looking at me with confusion. I asked him what day it was, and he responded that it was the 15th.

I was like, "Holy shit, did I just sleep through an entire fucking day? Fuck! I had to work today! Why did no one call me?"

And then it occurred to me.

It's 6 AM. Not PM.


Man, I'm on some good shit to have fucked that one up.


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