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Eh. I'm pretty sure I fail as a 'sensitive human being'. And I care not at all.

My school has had a recent outbreak (read: two instances) of finding small nooses hung in random places. I saw one of these hanging on a sign, myself, and remembered thinking, "... I wish I knew how to tie a noose. Nooses are cool." And then I went on my way.

But apparently nooses in trees have racial implications. Or, that's how my school is interpreting it. So, after 6 separate e-mails from the school about how seriously they were taking this, I had to sit through a nice, long, touchy-feely meeting for the RAs to discuss why such things were unacceptable. And I was blown. Away.

People were freaking terrified of these little nooses. And I just can't wrap my head around it. There are no leads as to who placed the nooses. There was nothing to imply that it was racially motivated. And when I said as much, I got stared at like I kicked a homosexual puppy.

The conversation I was forced to endure went from the nooses to the god damn Laramie Project, and I wanted to scream.

I'm almost positive that the Salem Witch Trials predate the KKK, but you don't hear me screaming about The Crucible. Not to mention that having conversations like this are like discussing religion. You're either preaching to the convinced or you're not making a dent.

Part of this is clearly the fact that I'm white, yeah okay. Goody for me. But part of it is that I am a bitter realist. People suck, and getting upset when things happen is just dumb. Either do something about it or get over it, because the only thing you can control is yourself.

But what really bothered me was that people started talking, seriously talking about censoring and monitoring student and employee social media, as well as the installation of cameras in all the residence halls. And the Powers That Be facilitating the conversation sighed, like they agreed, like this was something that should happen.

And all I had running through my head was an SNL mash-up of V For Vendetta meets 1984.

Just. AUGH.


my problem with authority called. it wants its movie collection back.

Update: I keep getting FB invites to rallys to protest this "great tragedy".

That actually pisses me off more than anything. A Shakespearean play is a great tragedy. A school shooting is a great tragedy. Your collective overreaction to innocuous stimuli? Is not.

Fucking first world shit, right there.
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Brace yourself, America. We're pulling out all the stops for this one.
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I had to make a new Facebook page. Again.

I've done it, before, and it was a freeing experience. However, this time it was less my choice and more out of necessity. My fake name had become too well known and attached to professional situations that would 'reflect negatively' upon my place of work.

I despise censorship and created a fake account so I would have the freedom to vent without fear of reprisal. However, that ended today.

So I dropped that account and kicked it to the curb. I won't delete it, but I'm not going to update it, anymore. And I am going to be a lot more discriminating with my new account when it comes to friending and the like, because I am very tired of being told what to do.

Augh. You'd think I'd learn.
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Jesus Christ, America. I went and voted, okay? And we still have a goddamn Tea Party senator in Florida, so forgive me if I'm not completely overflowing with faith in our system of electoral government.

This country is driving me crazy and I'm tired of being told that I have a voice in this, when clearly money is a lot louder than I am.


Thank fucking God Christine O'Donnell didn't get in, because I would have just burnt my Social Security card and called it a fucking day.

I do not like politics. I do not like stupid, bigoted people being put into power and fighting tooth and nail to preserve 'the American way of life' when the American way seems to only work out for the overbearing retirees of this country.

I'm tired of having to fight for my education, for my health care, for my right to be employed and paid the same as everyone else, for my pension some miles down the road. I am tired of being young in a world controlled by the old.

In case anyone was wondering why Americans are so bitter right now? This would be why.
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God fucking dammit, Housing. You're starting the bullshit early this year, aren't you?

I applied for a second job as an SA that coincides with my current RA job to subsidize my income because, btw? RAing doesn't pay for shit. I'm highly qualified, I have a history of working for the University, and I thought I did very well on the phone interview. I was told that I would receive an e-mail letting me know if I got the job, one way or another.

Cut to two weeks later with absolutely no word. Finally, I go to the Housing office to ask if those foretold e-mails were ever coming.

And the bitch-whore of the Housing Department leans out of her office with a smile and says that they selected people based on where they were living on campus and I had the bad luck of living in an area with a high concentration of RAs and thus a low concentration of SAs, and they've already made their selections. So, sorry!

I know at least five other people as qualified as I am who applied and apparently have not been hired, because no news is bad news.

I am furious right now, not so much because I didn't get the job, but because this woman didn't think it important to tell us that we were just not what they were looking for, so sorry.

I hate working for Housing. The bureaucracy is utter bullshit and the communication is even worse. And, yes, I really wanted that job.

So, now I'm going to have to go off campus to find work.

And this bitch needs to die.
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Okay, guys. I have dealt with a lot of bullshit over the course of my online Bio class, but this really was the last straw. And it seems I am all kinds of a smartass on meds.


Look at the population in the picture below. If you were to sketch an imaginary line on the picture where the area covered by birds-in-flight was roughly divided into six squares an estimate, per area, could be accomplished.

13. To make a population estimate, count the number of birds-in-flight in one square and multiply the total by six.

____18_______ X 6 = ____108_________ (total population)

14. How close did you come to the actual population? Count every bird in the photograph to find out.

Exact count of the population = Wow, you actually wanted me to count all of that? I think I would go blind before I could figure out exactly how many birds are occupying the same space in that photograph. Two-dimensional images do not an accurate count, make. Although, given how the forgiving the margin of error seems to be, I think you’re just messing with us. I suppose there is no getting over the factor of human error, though, so the large amount of give makes sense. And yes, I understand the nature of this exercise. Populations are subject to random environmental factors, but there is a semi-predicable curve to be found within it all, just by the nature of statistics. It’s kind of cool that life, as we know it, in all its complexity and inexplicable variation, can be predicted by simple mathematics. (Or not-so-simple mathematics, if you struggle with analytical thinking.) By implementing spatial constants, you can make sense of what would otherwise resemble chaos. In essence, science. Rock on, science.
But still. Count each and every bird? I’d rather kill them mount them on the hood of my truck and let Fish and Wildlife do the counting, right before they put me away for single-handedly decimating the waterfowl population of this particular image.

15. Check one of the following to rate your estimating accuracy.

Within 5 birds of the actual count total: Accuracy 100%
Within 25 birds of the actual count total: Accuracy 90%
Within 50 birds of the actual count total: Accuracy 80%
Within 70 birds of the actual count total: Accuracy 70%
Within 100 birds of the actual count total: Accuracy 60%
*According to Heisenburg: Accuracy 0%
*According to Schrödinger: Accuracy Infinite


I definitely submitted this as my real answer, and I regret nothing.

* my contribution to the choice list
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There is a woman on the TV who says that, because of Tiny Toddlers Playschool, her child is doing 'wonderful'.

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So, I watched a scene from Ten Inch Hero and now have:

a) An unimaginable love for Jensen Ackles with a mohawk

b) An unimaginable hatred for Danneel Harris and her baby-girl VOICE.

Ladies. Sounding ten years old is not cute. It makes people want to kick puppies, or alternatively, your ovaries. It's stupid as fuck and IT IS NOT YOUR REAL VOICE.

You wanna know how I know this?

ONLY the girls with the long, straight hair meticulously combed, baby-doll t-shirts, no boobs, tight jeans/short-shorts, and too much mascara SOUND LIKE THAT. NO ONE ELSE.

SERIOUSLY. Accept the fact that puberty has come and gone and move on. Please.
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Dear Bush Admin.

Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

FUCK you,

Dear Doctors/Phamacists Who Don't Wanna Do Their Fucking Jobs,

Eat me.

See you in hell,

Dear Pro-Lifers,

Get out of mine.

NOT your walking incubator,
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FOX is trying to kill Watchmen.

No. BAD FOX. No god damn cookie.
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So, I'm writing fic. It's terrifying, and I haven't done it in years.

But it just has to be done.

But I have to do research on cars for it (yes, I am writing SPN, how'd you guess?) and I'm skimming over interior features for the new Mazda6 and gagging.

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't want their car to fucking talk to them?!

Auto-dimming mirrors? DVD navigation systems? Keyless start?!

who the FUCK though that something like that was okay? I have enough trouble stomching a cell phone. I can't even handle my BlueTooth, yet.

This is hilarious. I'm not a technophobe. I have an mp3 player, I'm proficient at stealing wireless internet. But the thought of our cars becoming so damn souless is terrifying to me.

I think I'm gonna have Dean push his little Save-A-Tree piece of plastic car off a bridge.
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So, I'm looking up some porn.

Wow, Dami? Reading porn? No wai!

And I hit a link.

And LJ says that 'This journal has been deleted and purged.'

And that is a direct quote.

'Purged'. And in 'Inquisition'.

The fuck you say, LJ.
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