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Yah, your life is a lie.

Two Peas In A Pod

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Blue eyes. Blue eyes blue eyes BLUE EYYYYEEEYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!

Omg, I am a sucker for blue eyes.

Okay, okay. Crime show. Criminal catches the criminals. I can dig it. However.

Dear Leverage,

Because of you, I now expect criminals, such as the ones in White Collar, to be way more stealthy and Machiavellian than they really are. I keep expecting a new twist.
This is not a bad thing. I can still appreciate things like BLUE EYES. It's just, you know. You left an impression.

Luvs ya!
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Watching season 1 of One Tree Hill and oh my god. It's like a sleep-killing ninja.

I don't want to like it. I borrowed the first season out of morbid curiosity, thinking it'll be like Veronica Mars, where it's just so juvenile, I can't connect with it. And then I watch it.

Next thing I know, it's 4am on a Tuesday morning, I've gotten absolutely none of my reading done for the next day, and I have class in six hours.

Because ninjas are like that. They're sneaky.

I also may or may not be acquiring the soundtracks to every season, ever.

::two-handed facepalm::
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So I broke down and watched two episodes of True Blood. Namely the two latest episodes of season 2. Why just those two, you might ask?

Because as far as I'm concerned, this show should be called Eric Northman and Friends.

In which I laugh at this show in it's entirety. )

Ah, I dunno. I was predisposed to not like this series, but you would think that someone would Eric would change my mind, right?
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Saw the season 2 finale. Finally. It was so worth it.

God only knows when season 3 is gonna premiere, though...
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Just got word that I lost my job at the school, due to budget cuts. They said if I ever did work/study, they'd try to hire me back.
At least now I don't have to juggle time between boredom at work and pissing time away between classes. Also, I'll probably get back into swimming.

In the meantime, I'm watching Generation Kill, a phenomenal HBO show about Recon Marines in Iraq during Operation Freedom. It's hardcore.

Generation Kill via watch-series.com
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What sort of magical world is this, where television is filled to the brim with quirky shows, chock full of strange and wonderful characters that encourages us to a) never really take ourselves that seriously and b) not to end up like them?

It is because of USA. That glorious channel that swears Characters Welcome. And they provide.

Lately, they have provided In Plain Sight, the story of Federal Marshals in charge of the Federal Witness Protection Program, namely Mary and Marshall.

Yes. A Marshal named Marshall. So far they haven't stooped to making fun of that connection. Yet. No, they just skipped over that one in favor of stolen Nazi gold.
No, really.

I have two things to say. )

So, if you like sexy people being snarky with guns and wacky situations (and if you don't, what the hell is wrong with you), then you will love you some In Plain Sight. Which has been renewed for a third season. !!!!!
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[livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink has kind of eaten my mind/life/tab bar, but I DO NOT CARE. There is some hotness to be found, you guys. 45 pages of it.

Jointly, I have just finished the series Dark Angel. I didn't actually finish the series, no, I just finished watching it.

In which I elaborate: )

Yah, so. Did yardwork today with power tools (!!!), so a nap seems in order. Whee!

TV Report

Feb. 27th, 2009 11:30 pm
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The Mentalist: A Review )

Due South

Dec. 3rd, 2008 02:11 am
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I don't think I've ever gotten this way over a show before, but watching the last episode of Due South, I felt sad as the credits rolled. A cast of believable, if goofy characters, that you knew you'd never see again, just ride into the distance to the sound of Stan Rogers.
And dammit, I was sorry to see them go.

Its like characters that Stephen King would create. You're pretty damn sure that they're out there, somewhere, wandering around the Yukon, having adventures and stuff.

And when they're gone, you miss 'em.

In other news, I need to go to sleep, now. Insomnia makes me maudlin.


Oct. 13th, 2008 02:55 pm
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So, I'm reading fic, right? Like you do. And its like a Due South/Andromeda crossover. I didn't really get it, as I have never seen an episode of Andromeda in my life. Always struck me as a wannabe Firefly.

And then I'm like, "Aw, man. I dun' wanna watch Andromeda."

But this is clearly something I need to do.

Dammit! Free will, man! Where did that go?

EDIT: Watching it. And yes, I know that Firefly came after Andromeda, and I can't really make fun of space odyssey shows for being campy when thats all Star Trek and Lost in Space ever were. But I cannot stop giggling.

Watching it, anyway. Had to have run for 5 seasons for something.
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I had a pretty good weekend. Kinda pissed that its over. I really do not want with the class in the morning.

Its not that I have a lot going on, or anything. I just do not want.

So, I actually hung out with my flatmates, and spent some time in the courtyard with my laptop-of-the-retarded-battery. Yes, I was social. Ooh-ahh.

And I ended up blonde. Somehow. I don't remember much, I think the bleach killed those particular brain cells. Probably for the best.

Lately, out of sheer curiosity, I moved on to the 1997 TV show Due South. I'm not a big cop drama fan, nor do I really like slapstick. So at first sight, I thought I'd hate it.

In a nutshell, a country-smart Canadian (yes, Canadian) Mountie moves to Chicago with his deaf half-wolf to investigate the murder of his father, and ends up staying as a partner to a Chicago cop. Over the course of the series there are gunfights, car chases, explosions, kidnappings, crime, murder, situations of mistaken identity, battles on the high seas, ghosts, pirates, and avalanches. All done tongue-in-cheek, and yet with an emotional twist.

No, I did not make that up. The music rocks, too.

That show is like crack. At first, you don't like it. Then you try like hell not to like it. And then you realize that you're fooling yourself and you are, indeed, screwed.

Before I knew it, I was coming to in front of my laptop, my underwear inside out, watching the third season with a root beer in one hand and a bowl of Froot Loops in the other.

You are warned.
Do it anyway.

Ugh. Monday.
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Here I was, all mildly excited about yet another TV about vampires. True Blood.

And now I find out that its based off the Charlaine Harris books of which I abhor.

If you don't know them, lemme clue you in. Psychic cocktail waitress in Louisiana. Vampires. Angst.

Got all that?

No. Just no. They are called 'Southern Vampire Novels', which is such crap.
Tennessee Williams aside, Southern women, REAL Southern women do not do angst. They do not pine for what-the-fuck-ever Sookie's problem is, I don't even remember. They get knocked down, they brush themselves off, they move on.

I hate people/characters that wallow in self-pity. Charlaine Harris has managed to create massive amounts of characters who do just that.


Screw you, show. As of this Thursday, summer hiatus is over and you will fall into some deep, dark hole of obscurity. And I will laugh.

Oh, boys.

Aug. 29th, 2008 11:13 pm
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Bones, The Man With the Bone.


Oh, yes.

And the only thing better than pirates, and the possible pirate treasure?

The Yellow-Eyed Demon digging for pirate treasure.

If Heaven is this fantastically geeky, I may invest some time orchestrating eventual entry.

... but that makes you wonder how much cooler Hell could be.

Something cooler than the Yellow-Eyed Demon, teamed up with Angel, digging for buried treasure? My mind, it cannot fathom.

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You have an addict's nature.

Anyway, Bones. Its like the female Blair Sandburg, except not a hippie, therefore not as cool.

But close!
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Bah. I forgot how addicting TV is. Being raised without it kinda leaves you susceptible to it.

Watched what little of the second season of Burn Notice exists, and then the first episode of The Sentinel.

And I gotta say. This series was too damn good to let rot with only the first season on DVD. Come on, y'all! Late 90's TV shows were the bomb! Everyone spends their time nowadays trying to emulate them, because everyone is desensitized by Gossip Girl. Buffy. X-Files. Stargate. The Sentinel. All of this great stuff, now consigned to late-night reruns.

Lets not forget our roots, people.

Dude, and that totally reminds me of a story I once read, a short yet sweet X-Files/Sentinel crossover... where did I put that thing... ?

Also. I wanna be Blair Sandburg when I grow up. A total grad student dweeb who's still endearing in the fact that they are brilliant, yet inept.

Oh, TELL me that doesn't describe my neurosis.


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