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Happy Halloween, creatures of the night.

I am in full Jack regalia (albeit with a bit more hair) and going to ALL THE CLASSES because I only give ass-kicking and fucks, and I am all out of fucks.
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Ahahaha, I love October!

I went thrift store shopping today to get supplies for my Halloween costume (Ash Ketchum) and while digging through some truly awesomely terrible clothes, I encountered...

click for the horror )

I also had a reverse trick-or-treat for my residents, today. I wandered around and knocked on my resident's doors and threw candy, glowsticks, and fake vampire teeth at them. They were thrilled. I had a lot of fun doing it for them, and it was great seeing their faces light up. Us working 20-somethings don't get to trick-or-treat too often, anymore, and a lot of us miss it.

I have to work Halloween night, but I'm gonna be gorging on candy and horror movies that night, anyway, so its not so bad. And I'll be wearing my costume, uniform be damned.

Happy Halloween, folks!
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Probably not, seeing as the vast majority of your classic zombie examples actually die before they start eating people. There are some exceptions (28 Days Later) but they could also be argued to not really be zombies at all.

It was actually demonstrated most coherently in Land of the Dead, when a man who'd hanged himself became a zombie shortly afterwards, with no contact with another zombie beforehand or after.

So, no. If you are a zombie, you're not suffering. You're dead, and thus leaving the existential angst to the vampires and immortal Highlanders.

Ask me about my misspent youth.


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