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It's like a love note to N. Florida. WITH ZOMBIES! )


Dec. 11th, 2008 02:34 pm
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My last exam, Principles of Mass Communication has been OWNED.

I'm done!

And goin' home!


Nov. 11th, 2008 06:53 pm
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Okay guys. Okay. Okay. I-... okay.

Tides of War

Movie from the here! channel. Starring Adrian Paul.

You probably cannot understand my unimaginable glee unless you were once as deeply entrenched in Highlander as I was.


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Sep. 10th, 2008 02:53 pm
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I need one that goes 'SNERK!!1!' so I could have a proper reaction to THIS:

Photobucket Image Hosting


You know what? While I'm at it:

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

I'm gonna give y'all a moment to absorb that sudden influx of awesome.


Moving on:

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

I made none of these. I am an internet vulture.
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You watch Supernatural, of course!

A lot of it.

Okay, I've been reading SP for about ever now, and am only just now getting into it, and all I can think of is a) Thank God theres three whole seasons for me to revel in and b) Thank God the Writer's Strike is over so there can be a fourth!

Seriously. For one, Jensen Ackles is just too damn pretty. And an amazing actor. Two, Jared Padalecki wins the internet with his puppy face.

And they Winchesters have this amazing brother dynamic that makes me wish I were a guy. With a brother.


"Hot Blooded" by Foreigner.
"Down South Jukin'" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
"Fly By Night" by Rush.
"What a Way to Go" by Black Toast Music.
"Round and Round" by Ratt.
"Too Daze Gone" by Billy Squier.
"Movin' On" by Bad Company.
"In a Gadda Da Vida" by Iron Butterfly.
"Poison Whiskey" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
"Hey Man Nice Shot" by Filter.
"All Right Now" by Free.
"Merry Go Round" by Split Habit.
"Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" by Quiet Riot.
"Noise" by Low Five.
"At Rest" by APM.
"Ryal Bethlehem" by APM.
"U Do 2 Me" by Paul Richards.
"Peace of Mind" by Boston.
"Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard.
"Laugh, I Nearly Died" by The Rolling Stones.


Oh, sidereel. All the piracy without the scurvy.

Arrr, scuuuuurvy.

(need sp icon...)
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SUPERNATURAL, baby! It is here and LARGER THAN LIFE, and, oh yeah, TWICE AS SEXY.

Three episodes on Saturday night!

THAT is why there will be no sleep.


guess who needs a SP icon?
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I have found the best Medium episode ever.

... Hmm, guess I should explain.

Okay, so I watch Medium every Saturday nigth at 8:50. They air three episodes, and the dialouge is suprisingly easy to understand in French...

Anyway, I'm thouroughly addicted, since I need something to crush on as we are lacking Discovery Channel.

So last night, I only got to watch an episode and a half, because my band practice (yes, I'm back in band, damn me straight to hell) started two hours late last night and ran till 10. In the pm. But it was so worth it.

The episode is called 'Twice Upon a Time', and Allison has a dream after a stressed out day, where she married a man other than her real-world husband. And she runs into her real-world husband in the dream-world, and he gets all woobie-eyed, and I was all like ::melt::.

Its a really sweet story.

But the best part was that there is a court scene that means everything and nothing to the plot. And who might to guest-star defendant be?

Why, it's Peter Wingfield!

Dami at 11 at night: ASKFLA:DG!!! ::wordless pointing::
Muriel, same time: °_° ::inches away::

He said not a word, and he was all aged and stuff, but there was the sexiest shot ever of his bicep while he was covering up murder, and I was like, gaaaaaaah...

I am so lame, I know.

So, anyway, going to see Into the Wild tonight, which I've heard to be quite good.



Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:29 am
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I got accepted to UWF!

I'm going to college!

I'm getting out of Tallahassee!
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You know what I love?

Over-the-top movies.

Like Shoot Em Up )
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OMG, people, they're making an animated movie about The Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Only the best Roald Dahl book next to Matilda!

And George Clooney is gonna be the voice actor for Mr. Fox!



Mar. 8th, 2008 09:17 am
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There is a fourth Nightstalker book coming out the day before I get home!

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And I have news!

So, Sue Ellen, my coordinator for ASSE/PIE France calls me the other day and says that she has, not one, but two families willing to take me in.

Two. As in I have a choice in the matter! How awesome is that?

The first of which is about an hour south of Autun, in a town called Vichy. If you took AP Euro, you may know what I am talking about. The family has three children of their own, one of which is still living at home while attending a university. This is a good sign, right? But the coolest thing is that they currently have an Australian exchange student with them, who is heading home after December since shes on a 6 month deal. So I get an insight on the family from within! NICE!
I talked to her and found out that she and I had met while we were bumming in Paris in August! So already we get along. She said the family is lovely, that she has has no problems at all, at home or at school (besides the hours. That got us all.) and she gave the whole place 5 stars. She did warn me that I would have to room with her for a month, but I am like, 'So?'

The second family is in a town in the Alps called Annecy. Its a large ski resort town on the edge of a mountain and a lake, with a fairly large town to match. Sounds good, too, right? But about the family, I know virtually nothing.

If I had to make a decision based soley on area, I would choose Annecy, just to have something to do. Almost everyone I have talked to about it in France has said, 'Annecy! Yeah! J'adore!' My art teacher offered to write directions to his favorite pub.

But having talked to the family in Vichy, and the fact that I would have someone to hang out with for a while in the begining kinda sold me on the little town in mid-France. So after I log off here I am going to go phone Sue Ellen about my decision. And the cool thing is that this family can take me by the end of this week! I AM GETTING OUT OF HERE!

But you wanna know whats funny in a sad way? Mme learned that the people in Vichy could take me the soonest, and has done everything but bomb Annecy to convince me that Vichy is the way to go. (Did anyone else get a vision of Dr. Strangelove?) She doesn't even try to conceal her motives! Makes me want to choose Annecy just to spite her!

Its actually kinda sad that she is that self-absorbed. No mystery where Jean gets it from.



Oct. 21st, 2007 07:31 pm
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Jean and I went to stay with the friend (of who's name I still dont know...) and her family and they were amazing! I could pretty much walk to their house from here, but thats not the point. It was so different from this place, you have no idea (or maybe you do. ::shrug::).

I kept a chronology of what occured, but heres the highlights.

I had an impromptu dancefest to Jimmy Buffet, mostly because I could, before our ride arrived (the trains are on strike. Hee.), so I was feeling pretty good. The family consists of four kids, the eldset girl Soeylen (sp?), 19, and then Thybalt (every time I heard that name I wanted to asked, 'What happened to Mercucio?'), 17, Matthew, 16, and Caroline, 9. They were all great. I had decided that I was gonna stop letting Mme get me down with her voice in my head, scolding me for messing up words, and practice my French on complete strangers. Because what are the chances of me seeing them again? Anyway, I was a regular chatterbox (for me) this weekedn, asking questions, talking to pretty much everyone (save Jean, who avoided me like the plauge), getting underfoot, being socialble, and making so many mistakes by lunch on Sunday, no one felt the least bit akward. Except, as I said, Jean.

Thier house was huge, with a lot of warm, colored wood and stairs, and they put me in a great room that let me see the sunrise out one window and the moonrise out the other. The whole house was warm and friendly, and there were people running around, making noise, making messes, being, you know, human. There was also a central living room where I could sit and read, be out of the way, and yet still visable to anyone who ventured through. I lingered mostly in the kitchen, though, talking to the mother (who spoke some English, but we conversized a lot in French), asking her what went in this, how long you baked this, can I help? Come mealtimes I was in heaven. It was crowed, noisy, my legs fell asleep in the chair, you had to fight for the space to put your food, reach over one another, dump crumbs on one another... And the food was amazing! At one point we each got a little skillet and you put a slice of cheese in it and stuck it into a little plugin hothouse. Once it melted you poured it over potatoes, ham, whatever. (The coolest thing about this is when I was journalling it after the meal, I was thinking in French. COOL!) And she made apple pie for dessert the first night! I was like, 'kay, I'm moving in here, thanks.

I talked to Thybalt about school (he's in Terminale, so I winced and offered apologies when applicable), to Soeylen about exchanges (she's going to Australia, and wants to go to Chicago, because she saw Save the Last Dance) and about politics. Caroline and I went for a walk today after lunch, and yesterday evening I tagged along with the man of the house to watch him feed his cows. (The family raises cows, and we were a bit delayed in the trip back to Autun because the boys were chasing cows down to the corall for seperation.) I helped the father out too, pouring the grain, and then basically got underfoot while he finished his chores, explaining the basics of the ID tags in the ears (these are eatin' cows), how they were fed, corralled, seperated, and a bunch of other cool stuff. The mother and I went out yesterday afternoon to pick flowers and collect walnuts, and that night I experianced walnuts with lavander honey, and I am now hooked. Hee. I didn't get a chance to talk much to Matthew, since he and Jean we always off doing stuff (Jean was none the worse for having male companionship, although I think he was way uncormfortable with the lax attitude of the house, and I know I was more active than him. ::shrug:: Its just what you're used to, I guess.), but we all got together to play a few board games before we left today. I whipped their butts in a logic game, but failed miserably in Gin-Rummy. That seemed to perk Jean up to no end, who is so not above gloating. He and Caroline (who had the power to cloud up and rain at the slightest provocation) were more alike in temperment than he was with Matthew.

The whole weekend I felt better than I had in weeks. I relaxed, I had fun, and I ran around, being an annoying American. It also didn't hurt that when I went out to help with the cows, the sun was setting over the autumn-shaded hills, and the sky was purple, and all I could think was, 'This is God's country.' I didn't even mind going to church with them!

I may be back here, but I have my equilibrium back, I am recovered in health, and I am ready to kick butt. Mme isn't here for the week, so I have that break as well. The only dark point of my weekend was the knowlege of what I could have had. I finally felt like an exchange student, doing something cool, fun, and exciting, and doing it well. And I hate Mme for making me feel like anything else.

Anyway, since the e-mail gods are pissy at the moment, I may have to call ASSE myself for the moving thing. When the Toussaint holidays arrive, the family will go down to their home in the Dordogne area, and I don't like to think about two weeks of pretty much no escape, and possibly no communication. I don't expect miracles in a week, but I gotta get this ball rolling. Thanks so much for all your support, guys!

Yeah. But I feel good. I'm gonna finish up here and pursue more Jimmy Buffet, and maybe some tea.

Today's Theme Song:
Gypsies in the Palace by Jimmy Buffet

We aint got no money, we aint got no rights. But we're gypsies in the palace, and we got it all tonight!

Love from the kid who keeps it rockin' across the water,


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